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About the workshop


  1. Communicate advances in CPCM and our understanding of fine scale processes; how these influence/are influenced by larger scale features and elucidate how climate change and its impacts are experienced at local scales.
  2. Address, and propose solutions to, barriers to continued advancement – such as lack of key earth system or human components. 
  3. Through concrete examples discuss how we can tailor CPCM research in such a way so as to support adaptation efforts, vulnerability & impacts assessments and downstream climate services.


  1. Mountainous & high-latitude regions
  2. Extremes & impacts
  3. Model development (SRMs, CPCMs, hybrid techniques)
  4. CPCM for society, adaptation planning and mitigating risk
  5. Data access, accessibility and equitability in CPCM research
  6. What have we learned from CPCM modelling and what is next


This will be a hybrid event, i.e., with on-site and remote participation.

Oral sessions and panel discussions in plenary will be live streamed and recordings made available for remote delegates. There will be no parallel sessions.

Poster sessions will be held right after the plenaries on days 1 and 2

On day 3 on-site delegates will join breakout groups. Participation of remote delegates will be considered.